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Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai will be the tallest skyscraper in the world and is scheduled to be completed by September 2009. Burj Dubai is expected to cost about $4 billion and will be part of a $20 billion project called “Downtown Dubai”. It is already higher than Taipei 101. The building was designed by Adrian Smith and commissioned by Emaar Properties. The freestanding tower looks different from all angles and is expected to be 700 meters tall with 160 floors and 56 elevators. Downtown Dubai will include nine hotels including the first one owned by Giorgio Armani. Burj Dubai will include exclusive corporate offices, residential suites, four swimming pools. cigar club, 124th floor observation deck, restaurants, a library, residents lounge and 15,000 sq ft of fitness facilities. The basement will eventually become a parking area for the cars of residents, office employees and visitors.  By 2015 there will be at least six super skyscrapers with hundred floors of apartments. Besides Burj Dubai they are Burj Al Alam (108 floors), Marina 101 (101 floors), Princess Tower (107 floors), Pentominium (120 floors) and Al Burj (up to 200 floors). Access our database of Dubai Burj real estate and become a resident of the world’s tallest buildings.




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